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Revive Hotels service is a professional mobile service which allows you to enjoy a range of quality Spa treatments without having to leave your hotel room.  This professional service is aimed at hotels in which you visit, which do not comprise of Spa amenities, in order to help enhance your overall experience as a hotel guest.

This service offers you a wide range of professional Massage & Body Treatments, Facials and Beauty services.

Please see our treatments list below for more information.

M a s s a g e

Starting from £29

F a c i a l

Starting from £29

B o d y T h e r a p i e s

Starting from £29

E y e T r e a t m e n t s

Starting from £7

M a n i c u r e s

Starting from £22

P e d i c u r e s

Starting from £22

* Singles Persons & Couples Treatments - minimum one hour call out applies - 48 hours notice required.


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