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What better way to say thank you to your employees than the gift of wellness? Enhance employee health, wellness and motivation, while reducing the risk of costly claims associated with RSI and Workplace Stress by choosing our Revive at Work service. We provide our Corporate Clients with a range of professional workplace treatments which includes: -

M a s s a g e

F a c i a l s

M a n i c u r e s

P e d i c u r e s

E y e T r e a t m e n t s

M a k e - U p

* Details upon enquiry



  • We help ensure your employees feel valued, thus improving morale, job satisfaction, motivation & productivity.

  • We help reduce workplace stress and strengthen Stress Management Policies, reducing the likelihood of costly compensation claims.  

  • We help reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries such as RSI and back pain.

  • Our gift vouchers service are a great way to incentivise and reward employees.

  • We will provide a FREE one hour trial for all new Clients!

  • We help enhance company reputation and recognition as industry leaders in the eyes of Clients, External Auditors and the Supply Chain.

  • Our Therapists and Staff are highly skilled, professional, qualified and insured for the services being delivered.


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